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Time Traveler Zero Zero

A Story of John Titor, written and directed by Kirby Malone - a live movie

April 7-10, 2004
8pm, Wednesday-Saturday

Harris Theatre
Center for the Arts
George Mason University
Fairfax VA

Reservations and Information:
(703) 993-8865

Previewed by Jonathan Padget in the Washington Post!

With multiple video projections, a cast of eight singer-actors, and an eight-piece band, TimeTravelerZeroZero presents an apocalyptic critique of consumer culture, and a chilling vision of a near-future dystopia brought about by a growing police state. A team of more than twenty multimedia artists created state-of-the-art animations and video montages for the innovative scenography which depicts time travel and the worlds of 1975, 2000, 2015 and 2036, in this tale of John Titor, a mysterious figure who posted voluminously on the Internet for six months from late 2000 to early 2001. Was he a time traveler from thirty years in the future, or a hoax? Was he a crackpot or a prophet? Was he science fiction or living proof of the latest theories of quantum physics? With a score that features original songs and soundscapes, and also draws on a dialectical blend of industrial music, trip-hop, rap, country, opera and Bengali singing, Time Traveler Zero Zero is part rock opera, part hybrid cinematic/theatrical performance, designed to provoke thought, and provide listening and viewing pleasure, for young adult audiences of all ages.


For five months, from November 2000 to March 2001, someone appeared on the Internet and began writing postings as TimeTraveler_zero. He identified himself as John Titor, and he said he was a temporal displacement driver, in the service of Temporal Recon, from the year 2036.

He traveled first back to 1975 to retrieve a particular IBM model portable computer, the 5100, which will be needed by his society to retrofit computers when UNIX code fails in 2038. John Titor acquired the 5100 from his grandfather, an IBM engineer in Rochester, Minnesota. He then time-traveled from 1975 to the year 2000, where he visited his parents (and his three-year-old self) in Florida, wrote voluminous Internet postings, and exchanged views with many other citizens of the ’Net. John Titor’s postings ceased in March 2001, when he said he would return to his own time. He has not been heard from, on what he called our worldline, since.

It doesn't matter whether John Titor was real, or his story true. His tale boggles the mind, whether he was whom he said he was, or an astoundingly resourceful trickster. He provided schematics, diagrams, photographs, and documents from his service in a TemporalRecon time travel unit in 2036; these visual aids can be laughed at or marveled at (or both). He presented a credible theory and description of time travel, both how it works, and how he does it.

He clearly depicts the prevailing thinking, from Stephen Hawking to Philip K. Dick, on alternate worldlines and the mutability of time. But it’s not the sense of a science fiction film come to life that is so intriguing about John Titor, it is what he had to say about the world of 2000, predictions he made, ranging from epidemic mad cow disease to Chinese space flight to the creation of black holes in the CERN particle accelerator, which have come to pass (or are, or may be, about to).

Most chillingly, what he describes as the history of his world, questionably our future, from 2004 on, unfolds with a civil war in the United States, in response to the installment of a police state, after increasing authoritarian violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, leading the country, and most of the rest of the world, ultimately to the living nightmare of a thermonuclear World War III in 2015, a time he calls "Hell’s Kitchen."

John Titor told of how his world then began to piece itself back together where it could, and of the radical transformation society underwent in the process. For John Titor our world is the history which led to his world, its destruction, and its painful rebirth.

But he also stresses that time and history are not fixed or pre-determined, and that anyone can change their direction(s). While he was "here" in 2000 and 2001, he became what you might call a "cyburbian legend," and he gave anyone who read, listened to, or corresponded with him a different, somewhat alien or outsider view of where our world is now, and where and how it might go. So tonight, in a time of mad, imperial ambitions, here is our version of the story of John Titor…

Cast and Crew:

Music Composed By
Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Sean Lovelace

Multimedia and Set Design
Gail Scott White

Lighting Design
Rob Hencken

Costume Design
Paul K. Stolen

Sound Design
Bryan Burket

Documentary Photographers
Kelly Carr-Shaffer , Ioulia Kouskova and Noah Smith

Documentary Videographers
Scott Cunningham , Jason Kott and Shawn Taylor

Web Design and Development
Pat Kelly, Clairvoyant Media

Actors, Singers and Musicians
Howard Brown-Santos, Bryan Burket, Viraj DeSilva, Craig Garrett, Sean Lovelace, Joshua McCarthy, Matt McGarraghy, Brianna Moran, James Murphy, Chris Parsons, Maria Rio, Prince Rozario, Mike Solo, Jeff Wall, Kelly Wilson, Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Tristan Winger-Bearskin

Stage Managers
Liz Welke, Kira Hoffmann

Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Rozmeski

Production Manager
Dan Hobson

Audio Producer
Chris Andrews

Tom Dyman, David Gouldsmith, Rebecca Prater and Mike Solo

Mad Science Advisers
Alexei Samsonovich and Karl Simanonok

Animators and Multimedia Artists
Tate Siev Srey, Noah Melnick, Mark Alyea-Cheu, Chris Andrews, Howard Brown-Santos, Sal Castaneda, Scott Cunningham, Ahmet Dillice, Tom Dyman, Carlos Foxworthy, Jen Haefeli, Meredith Harris, Pat Kelly, Rebecca Kimmel, Jason Kott, Hye-kyung Emily Lee, Meredith Lydon, Brenden Moran, James Murphy, Ricardo Real, Prince Rozario, Mike Solo, Shawn Taylor and Gail Scott White

Production Assistants
Ben Ashworth, Jill Buxrud, Kathy Kachelries, Melissa Kurabatchew, Beth Logan, Adriana Lubenova, Susan Serafin, Noah Smith and Charlene Winger-Bearskin

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