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Split: Hive Mind

an outdoor multimedia installation featuring animated video projections onto two sixty-foot concrete towers with live rock soundtrack Ocular Interactive Festival, April 1998 / Halloween Beach Party, November 2000 Concert Hall Lawn • Center for the Arts a collaboration with David P. Rueckert, Sean Watkins, and the band Grommit

SPLIT: Hive Mind featured dual six-story high projections onto the Concert Hall’s twin towers, bathing the architecture in animated multimedia imagery ranging from brains to bees to bats and dolls, automata and geometrical forms. This project clearly demonstrated, and served as a model for, new uses and applications of projection and animation technologies for architectural and environmental settings and public events.

An earlier version of SPLIT: Hive Mind was featured in the Ocular Interactive Festival in 1998. This earlier work featured six computer-programmed slide projectors, while the 2000 version featured dual digital video projections. SPLIT is available for touring as an outdoor or indoor installation.

Documentary Photography: Chris Ciccone/Trinity Tongg Osborn

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